May 11, 2020 Minutes

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City of Siletz
Regular City Council Meeting
Monday, May 11, 2020

The Siletz City Council met and convened on Monday, May 11, 2020 and Mayor Worman called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Via
Present were Mayor Willie Worman, Councilors, Ron Hervey, Leslie Button, Jeff Clark and Councilor Patti Skauge.

Also present were Public Works Superintendent Allen Middaugh, Darin Viar, Utility Worker III, Dave Eshleman Utility Worker I, Sheryl Simmons, City Recorder, Sheila Jordan, Deputy Recorder, MaryKay Dahlgreen, Lincoln County Librarian, and Citizen Susan Trachsel.

Councilor R. Hervey moved that the minutes of the following be approved as read-
March 9, 2020-Regular City Council Meeting
March 9, 2020-Executive Session
March 23, 2020-Emergency Council Meeting
Councilor P.Skauge seconded the motion and it was approved.

Sheriffs Officer Vertner reported there was a break in at the Siletz fire hall on May 11, 2020 and if anyone hears anything please notify the Sheriff’s office. The Sheriff office is still working with the Mayor and neighborhood watch to have full coverage when there are dead times which the officers are not in Siletz.

No report

Mary Kay Dahlgreen, Lincoln County Librarian reported that the Library has been closed due to the Covid 19 restrictions. The Library’s budget meeting will be on May 12, 2020 Via Zoom Meeting. Following the budget meeting will be the Libraries regular monthly meeting and they will be discussing having curbside service. Library will reopen on the second phase per Governor Brown.

Councilor R. Hervey reported that new flowers have been planted in the flower boxes. Still haven’t heard anything from George Larson left him messages, the lady from Newport also still has not gotten back to him. HeeHee Illahee is closed still and has had no problems. Mayor W. Worman said the city did have a little problem with park people trying to walk down to Mill Park. Worman would like to see camera’s put up at the city parks. Councilor R. Hervey said the city should wait till the City Attorney gets back in his office and get a legal point of view on cameras so issue Tabled.

City of Siletz
Regular City Council Meeting
Monday, May 11, 2020, Pg. 2

Susan Trachsel-Lincoln County Health Department Covid 19 Update
S. Trachsel talked about Covid 19 and Phase 1 in Lincoln County still waiting to get approved but when it does it would mean sit down restaurants, salons, some medical and retail stores can reopen with rules in place could as soon as May 15, 2020 this phase would last for 21 days then the county would look into phase 2, Mayor W. Worman asked about city boat launches, and Susan told council it’s up to the city when they want to open them.

Siletz Valley Grange
The City Received a letter from the Grange requesting forgiveness on their water & sewer bill for the next 2 months because of COVID 19 they have not been able to do fundraisers. Mayor W. Worman also mentioned he had received a letter from them saying if for any reason the City needed to use the grange hall for an emergency the city could. D. Eshleman the City did give forgiveness to the VFW at one time and they are both nonprofits. Councilor R. Hervey said a motion to give the Siletz Grange Hall a break on the water & sewer bill for June & July 2020, Councilor L. Button seconded and it was approved.

Resolution No.673 State of Emergency continuation
City Recorder S. Simmons explained that Resolution 673 needed to be updated due to the date that the City Council put for the State of Emergency expired 4-30-2020 and she asked council how long they wanted to extend the date. Would they like to go by month by month or every other month and then relook at the situation that it was up to the council. Council thought looking at it month by month would be the best. City Recorder S. Simmons read Resolution No. 673 by title only Councilor J. Clark made a motion to have Resolution No. 673 read a month to month recheck on how the City is doing, Councilor L. Button seconded. Resolution No. 673 was approved.

Governors 3 Stage Plan
Mayor W. Worman asked Susan Trachsel to report on, Phase 3 which would come later down the road and would open up a lot more stuff like bigger gatherings, casino’s, sporting events and concerts etc. only if we have no setbacks. If anyone would like more information on this they can visit the Covid 19 page that the county has set up.

Create a Reopening plan for the City of Siletz
Mayor W. Worman said that the city is just waiting on the Governor to start opening thing’s up and to see what our next step will be but for right now we will still be keeping our city parks closed after discussion the issue was Tabled to next month.

City of Siletz
Regular City Council Meeting
Monday, May 11, 2020, Pg. 3

Community Complaints about businesses & some city councilors not following Governors Mandates
Mayor W. Worman had received a complaint about some city councilors in restaurants and coffee shops having coffee with other people. Councilor J. Clark said he went in Little Chief everday to help Rita the owner by turning on the fryer’s and start the coffee he said he has done this for years for her and has his own keys to get in and we were social distancing Councilor J. Clark said that he has not been the only councilor that has done this.

Mask Collection Site-assistance
Mayor W. Worman reported that the Fire Department had done a collection site in Siletz and they had collected 8 on one day and handed them all out the next day. Mayor W. Worman then asked Susan Trachsel if the city would need more mask if the county could help S. Trachsel said that the hospitals get the PPE, but ones that are being donated that people have made can picked up at the Toledo Fire Hall, if you need some they can be picked up there also just give them a call.

Boat Launches opening-yes or no
Mayor W. Worman said with things still being closed and until we get more information on what things are looking like Council agreed what until we see what next week looks like with things opening we don’t want a rush of people coming into our town.

Fishing Guides-Business Licenses
Mayor W. Worman asked council how they felt about charging fishing guides to use the city boat ramps or pay a day use fee plus retain a business license the issue to be discussed more at a work session. R. Hervey did make a Motion to give Mayor Worman permission to contact the guides and let them know they need a business license to do business inside City of Siletz Councilor P. Skauge seconded the motion and it was approved. City Recorder S. Simmons did mention that it should be a letter from the city so the Mayor can send them and not by word of mouth.

Fifth Public Works Employee-ad is out & Dave Eshleman proposal for retirement-part time work contractor
City Recorder S. Simmons said she had received D. Eshlemans proposal to semi retire and to HR has approved it and they said they like the idea of him staying on part time and helping. Mayor W.Worman said the city needs to get the fifth person and see what certifications they have and get them hired and trained before Allen & Dave retire. Councilor L. Button asked Public Works D. Eshleman how long he wanted to stay on as part time. He said around 6 months but would like to see how things go right now we are pushing the new guys. Mayor W. Worman said he would like to see us get a level 2 and we can’t wait too long on this. City Recorder S. Simmons not sure how we can pay for another person at this time when Council doesn’t want to raise our water & sewer rates and the Budget is adopted in June. Councilor L. Button we should discuss this at a work session.

City of Siletz
Regular City Council Meeting
Monday, May 11, 2020, Pg. 4

Communications with CTSI-a.Future Joint Meeting b.Potential cross training with Tribes water staff c.Proposal by CTSI-add homeless area with washer and dyer
Mayor W. Woman reported that he has had some communication with Temporary General Manager Tina Retasket and she would like a sit down meeting with the city to talk about a few things that tribe would like to see in the future. 1) Cross training-Councilor L. Button that will have to be discussed later because of the Covid 19 going on and the city being short on staff and training our own guys. 2) CTSI a proposal to put in a homeless area with washer and dryer. Public works A. Middaugh talked to Max from tribal maintenance today and they would like to put it in the empty lot on the corner of Logsden road which is the tribe’s property. Councilor R. Hervey said Tina should talk to Diane Trask about putting it in her RV Park since homeless people that stay/live there. Council agreed the tribe needs to write up a proposal and a draft and bring to the city council on what and where they would like to put it. Tabled for a work session

Dealing with Current Community concerns-drug activity, theft, illegally parked cars Mill Park area etc.
Mayor W. Worman said we already covered this in the park & rec portion of the meeting and was glad to see things are a lot better than they were a couple of weeks ago. City will keep working with the Sheriff and neighborhood watch.

Discuss-results enhanced Law Enforcement budget meeting of 5-4-2020

Ordinance No. 203-Amend City Charter Re Elections
City Recorder S. Simmons reported that the city charter reads that anyone wanting to run for city council needed to get 20 signatures to run, but with the COVID 19 would like to know if council wanted to change to having to just pay a fee. Council requested to have them pay a fee of $25.00. City Recorder S. Simmons read Ordinance No. 203 by title only twice amending it for to approve the Ordinance as read for the fiscal year 2020-21and changing the charter to a fee and no signatures. Councilor L. Button made a motion P. Skauge seconded and it was approved.

Approve Staff 2020-21 Budget Items-Cola Raise & keep same benefit package
City Recorder S. Simmons presented the two budget items discussed at the last work session a 1.6% cola raise for all regular full time employees and that the employees keep the benefit package. Councilor R. Hervey made a motion, to approve the Cola and Benefit package and Councilor J. Clark seconded the motion and it was approved.

Remineder-2020-21 Budget Meeting-May 18, 2020 7:00 pm via gotomeeting
City Recorder S. Simmons just reminding council about the meeting coming up and that she will be getting packs to them soon to look at.

City of Siletz
Regular City Council Meeting
Monday May 11, 2020, Pg. 5

New Business

City Recorder S. Simmons reported citizen Tony Lyons questioned the credit card fee that is 3% and said that didn’t like to pay it, but was the only way to get a receipt if you drop a payment in the box you don’t get a receipt. Councilor L. Button asked if we have ever had any problems with people messing with our drop box she was told the city has never, she then asked if there a way they could get a receipt she was told yes all they have to do is ask for one and the city had no problem with mailing them one.

Public Works Department
• Closed all 3 City Parks and both Boat Ramps – Posted all with signs
• Worked with School to secure property with temporary locked gates and fencing
• Cleaned oil, grease, debris from Influent Pump Station at WWTP
• River Pumps off for 4 days in March due to high and muddy river
• Emptied all ponds at WWTP
• Running Public Works all of April with 2 field workers ( one at WWTP, one at WTP and Dave doing Admin from Home)
• Install River Temperature Gauge for Summer WWTP Permit Compliance
• WWTP Generator Annual Service… requires replacement thermostat and batteries (est. $1500 above regular annual maint. contract)
• FEMA Grant Portal Access established and Request for Public Assistance has been initiated.
• All city workers are maintaining a Covid-19 work and equipment use log
• Public Works 2020-2021 Budget complete and sent to City Hall
• New Hire: Derek Jefferson begins training at the Wastewater Plant with Dave Monday Apr. 13.
May Report
• Wastewater II Worker Position is now being advertised
• City Baseball Field Dugouts graffiti’s and had to be painted
• Had to post No Parking / No Entrance Signs at upper Mill Park
• Repair leaking valve at WTP CL2 Tank on Saturday (4 hrs. +)
• Hired Ben’s Diving to clean River Influent Screens and PW also cleaned twice
• Waiting for Air Switch for WTP which is causing “low pressure” alarms which shuts down plant… thus, we have to be on site for every flush and backwash
• WWTP completed 2 years / quarterly BOD Tests for compliance of our new NPDES Permit… we have called our DEQ Compliance Office for further instructions
• Started Summer Permit Limits May 5th (2 times weekly) River Temp & CFS

City of Siletz
Regular City Council Meeting
Monday May 11, 2020, Pg. 6

Public Comment

Old Business-Dee Nee Gifts Water Bill
Councilor P. Skauge wants to know what the city could do about them getting doubled billed as they pay for two units and only use one. After a long decussation it was determined that they are only renters of the property. The bill is not in their name so the owner of the property should be the one to bring this to the council. This matter is tabled.

Work Session
Mayor W. Worman set a work session for Wednesday May 27, 2020 at 7:00 pm.

Councilor J. Clark moved that the April 2020 bills be approved in the amount of $58,521.44. Councilor R. Hervey seconded the motion so it was approved.

Councilor J. Clark moved that the regular meeting of the Siletz City Council be adjourned at 9:31 p.m. Councilor P. Skauge seconded the motion and it was approved.

Approved by the Siletz City Council on this__8th day of____June,2020

Signed and approved by the Mayor on this__8th day of____June,2020


_____________________                                                    ______________________

DEPUTY CITY RECORDER                                                             MAYOR


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