May 27, 2020 Work Session

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City of Siletz
Work Session
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Siletz City Council met in a Work Session at the Siletz City Hall on Wednesday, May 27, 2020. Mayor Willie Worman opened the Work Session at 7:00 p.m

Present were Mayor Worman, Councilors Ron Hervey, Jeff Clark. Also present were Allen Middaugh, Public Works Superintendent, Dave Eshleman, Utility Worker I and Deputy Recorder Sheila Jordan. Leslie Button and Patti Skauge absent.

Replacement of Council President
Mayor Worman asked Councilor R. Hervey to report he said he had some medical issue’s he needed to deal with and would be out for a while and wasn’t sure how he needed to go about it with the council, Deputy Recorder S. Jordan told him he could be excused for three months and then in September if he doesn’t feel like he is coming back he could turn in a resonation letter to the city then. Councilor R. Hervey then said that’s what he would then do take a leave of absent then revisit it in September. Mayor Worman asked what happens if we needed him for HR stuff? City can figure that out if and when we need one, and possible Councilor R. Hervey if he is up to it could to do phone conference with HR or Council if needed.

Fishing Guides and Park Fees
Mayor Worman reported that he has been in contact with one of the fishing guides Scott Amerman that is the head of the fishing guide association Scott said he has been in contact with the marine board and found out that since 1985 the marine board has given that City of Siletz $30,176.00 in funding to have work done at the two city parks, and he mentioned instead of business license fees there association can get grants to help with the Mill Park project the council has been discussing in the past and he knows there are grants available and would be willing to help with trying to get them. Scott and a few other guides will be at the next council meeting to discuss this issue with council.

City of Siletz
Work Session
Wednesday, May 27, 2020, Pg. 2

CTSI-Request for homeless Station
Mayor Worman reported CTSI’s temporary General Manager Tina Retasket came to him a while back and reported that the tribe would like to put a laundromat and showers in for the homeless on one of the tribe’s properties in the community in which the city talked about at the last meeting. Mayor Worman then said he has received another call from T. Retasket and Sharon Edenfield wanting to discuss the issue a little further and they said they was looking at the property they own on Logsden road right behind Dee Nee Gifts as a possibility for it to go, Mayor Worman reported he asked them who was going to maintain it they first mentioned the city and that was a no. Mayor Worman contacted Eli Grove the project person working on this project he said they would have two shifts working it one day and one swing and it would be closed at night plus has the tribe’s security checking on it. Councilor J. Clark asked were the tribe was going to get the sewer from cause there is none there. Mayor Worman asked A. Middaugh Public Works Superintendent to answer that he said they could run a line from between Noel’s Market and Dee Nee Gift’s, J. Clark asked isn’t that a private line that belongs to the house behind Noel’s, A. Midduagh said he thought the tribe bought that and after discussion the council said it needs to be looked into cause last the city knew is that deal fell through of selling it to the tribe and that the house behind Noel’s still owns the piece of property by Dee Nee Gifts. Mayor Worman said that T. Retasket told him she was putting in for a grant this coming Friday so it sounds like the Tribe is going to find a way to put one in Siletz with the city having a say so or not, don’t get me wrong it sounds like a good idea but we just got the City cleaned up from the homeless I don’t the citizens would like to see them come back.

Speed Limit
Mayor Worman reported that he has been in contact with ODOT and they have a new thing they are doing called School Safety Zone and the state is making all roads inside the City of Siletz 20 mph that is down our side streets, Gaither/229 and Logsden road, plus they will be making the cross walks and the lines more visible plus putting up bigger signs. This is something they are doing throughout the county.

City of Siletz
Work Session
Wednesday, May 27, 2020, Pg. 3

Reopening the City and what if we have a backward slide
Mayor Worman reported we would just follow the Governors orders but if we do go back Mayor Woman thinks the City should ask the health department to come out to the City and help our business out with paperwork so they can receive some of the grant monies that are out there for small businesses. Mayor Worman also reported that Sharon Edenfield from CTSI had went to an seminar a while back and that they was talking about grants out there for Sewer projects, he asked Public Works D. Eshleman if he could have her give him a call to discuss what she knew and to see if it could help with the City’s project he said that would be fine.

Public Works Fifth Employee
Mayor Worman asked what Public Works Superintendent A. Middaugh what he would like to see happen with this person? A. Middaugh reported would like to the City hire a level 2 as soon as possible and get the other guys trained before him and Dave retire. D. Eshleman reported that the city has the ad in the newspaper and he also put it on a few web sites so hopefully we get application in soon. After extensive discussion Mayor Woman said he doesn’t want the City to loose site on this issue but it sounds like the City is on the right path.

Mayor Worman closed the Work Session at 8:00 pm.


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