August 10, 2020 Approved Siletz City Council Minutes

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City of Siletz
Regular City Council Meeting
Monday, August 10, 2020

The Siletz City Council met and convened on Monday, August 10, 2020 and Mayor Worman called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Siletz City Hall.
Present were Mayor Willie Worman, Councilors, Jeff Clark, Leslie Button, Ron Hervey and Patti Skauge was both absent. With Councilors Hervey and Skauge being absent Mayor Worman made himself a voting member.

Also present were Sheila Jordan Deputy Recorder, Lincoln County Sheriff Office Deputy Bruce McGuire, City Engineer Steve Major, Susan Trachsel Lincoln County Health Dept., BJ Wawrak Siletz Fire Dept. and Tim Shank.

Councilor L. Button moved that the minutes of the July 13, 2020 Regular City Council Meeting be approved as read. Councilor J. Clark seconds the motion and it was approved.

Lincoln County Sheriff-Update
Deputy McGuire reported that the sheriff office now has two full time deputy’s in Siletz as of July 1, 2020 and they will be doing 40 hour weeks in the of City of Siletz the hours very they don’t want people to think that the officers are on a set schedule. On the off hour’s there will be an Officer that is roaming so they could be out here or in another part of the county. Right now the two officers’ will be Officer Bruce McGuire on days and Officer Zackery Dowly on nights and Officer Rose will be the alternate Deputy when they are off. Officer McGuire reported that things have been going pretty good in Siletz.

Mayor Worman introduced BJ Wawrak as the Intern Chief filling in for right now at the fire department. Intern Chief Wawrak reported the department had a meeting last week they have some issue’s they are working on could not mention what they was but could say Fire Chief Fluhr is on administration leave for now. The department is trying to get back some of their old volunteers and still looking for new ones. Wawrak asked the City to just be patience with the Fire Department things are looking up. Mayor Worman responded with we just need to support each other as being part of the city and thanked Wawrak for stepping up as Intern Chief.

S. Major started with showing the council a slide show on what to look forward to for cost on the Water System Master Plan. Council then discussed briefly where to find help and grants for the Sewer Plant Improvement Project since Sheryl is only working part time the City will need all the help they can get. Mayor Worman reported that he and S. Major had a phone meeting the week before and there is a lady out there her name is Rachel and she works for a company

City of Siletz
Regular City Council Meeting
Monday, August 10, 2020, Pg. 2

Called Sequoia Consulting and they charge $150.00 an hour and she would do all the paperwork
and grants this is something the City might have to look into if we can find it in the budget Steve will call Sheryl tomorrow and talk with her about the grant writer. S. Major summited the draft for the Water System Master Plan to the council and needed the council to give the ok to summit it to the Oregon Health Authority. Councilor L. Button made the motion to give the Engineer the right to summit the Draft to the Oregon Health Authority Councilor J. Clark seconded it motion passed.


Mayor Worman reported that the Council said a couple of meetings ago the City wasn’t going to allow for bark dust at Hee Hee Illahee city park because of fire danger but would get rock for the park but the for some reason the caretaker at Hee Hee Illahee called Allen at home and asked for him to deliver some bark dust, Allen wasn’t at the meeting where council said no to the bark dust. So from now on it needs to come before City Hall and the caretaker is not to call Allen at home unless it’s an emergency an if they have a problem with it have them call the Mayor. Update on Mill Park nothing new probably nothing will happen until next fall.

Mayor Worman asked Susan Trachsel of the Lincoln County Health Department to give an Update on the COVID-19. As of today the cases keep rising Lincoln County had two outbreaks over the weekend. Keeping an eye on Lincoln City since there is so many tourists traveling there right now, plus there is a work place that had an outbreak were five people tested positive and has more the 30 employees so the Health Department is keeping an eye on that as well. Phase 2 for Lincoln County no decision has been made on that yet possibly looking to submit an application on August 24. Mayor Worman reported schools will be starting but they will be online for at least the first quarter and when they schools do open up it will most likely be part time. Mayor Worman also reported that the tribe offered to do COVID test for the Lincoln County Sheriffs to start putting repeat offenders in jail. S. Trachsel also mentioned that you can always visit the Lincoln County Health Departments website to stay updated on what is going on in the County.

Deputy Recorder S. Jordan asked if the Council wanted to keep it like it has been. Not sending out shut off notice’s and if so she would just keep checking with Council each month. Council consensus was to not send out shut off notices and to keep checking each month.

City of Siletz
Regular City Council Meeting
Monday, August 10, 2020, Pg. 3

Deputy Recorder reported the following correspondence-

Had a parent asked when the senior banners would be coming down? A.Middaugh said he would check tomorrow with PUD to see if Public works could just take them down there self an if so they would have them down in a couple of days, but they will leave the brackets up on the poles.

Public Works Superintendent A. Middaugh reported the following:
Weed Eat Skate Park
Replaced Miox CL2 Flow Valve Aug 2nd
Replaced Miox Post Flow Meter July 17
Household garbage being dumped in Skate Park can causing overflow
Posted day use only and no fires at the log (park) due to people coming in after dark and having fires
Ongoing daily trash hauling and security checks at the log (park)
Hi pressure washed mechanical bar screen
Changed SBR blower (low DO issue solved)
Dave had a 3 hour NHMP meeting (natural hazard mitigation planning)
A.Middaugh reported that also had some problems down at the swimming hole called the Log with people being down there at night and leaving trash. Mayor Worman also reported that someone has also been building little huts down at the Log in the willow trees and starting fires already tore two of them down. A. Middaugh said they put up more no trespassing sign for after dusk.


Susan Trachsel Commented that the grant writer the City was talking about is well worth the money she does a great job.

Deputy Recorder S. Jordan reminded Council of the joint meeting with the Lincoln County Commissioners on August 19 at 5:00pm by GoToMeeting.

None scheduled

City of Siletz
Regular City Council Meeting
Monday, August 10, 2020, Pg. 4

Councilor J. Clark moved that the July 2020 bills be approved in the amount of $92,192.57. Councilor L. Button seconded the motion and it was approved.

Councilor L. Button moved that the regular meeting of the Siletz City Council be adjourned at 8:31 pm. Councilor J. Clark seconded the motion and it was approved.

Approved by the Siletz City Council on this  21st day of  Sept, 2020.

Signed and approved by the Mayor on this  21st  day of  Sept, 2020.


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DEPUTY RECORDER                                                         MAYOR


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