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This page is intended to give updates on fire related info in the Siletz and Logsden area. We will update often. 

We are currently offering space for folks that are displaced from the fires to camp in Siletz. We do not have a lot of resources and can use food, tent and blanket donations. We will do our best for anyone that needs a place to camp out through this tough time.


Currently, Siletz does not have any additional precautions in place. If our situation changes these are the levels of evacuation. Please monitor this Facebook page and for the most up-to-date information regarding evacuation status in Siletz.

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If you need a HELP/OK window placards please stop by Siletz City Hall. These window placards help first responders know whether or not you need help. The signs have an easy to understand legend printed on them so you’ll always have a quick reference guide for evacuation levels.


Sorry for the delay folks. It’s a bit chaotic here but we are getting things under control.

First and for most- We are not in phase 1. Please understand that we are not in any phase unless you hear from us or the Local officials. Rumors just panic people so don’t spread them.

Officers on the front lines of the fires feel we are in a fairy good position at this point. They are sharing that we are not in any immediate danger!

With that said, we have teamed with Siletz fire and CTSI to create a plan for the community in case things change.

We are conducting two concurrent plans. The first is our plan as a shelter location. The second is that we are preparing an evacuation plan in the event that the City of Siletz needs to evacuate.

Our progress as a shelter location:
We are working closely with the fire district and CTSI to coordinate services. The city has become an overflow site for the general public to evacuate to.

The Tribe has the Recreation Center open for families as well.

We have access to the school for restrooms, showers, food prep if need be and are currently putting people in the lot next to the library for emergency camping. We are sending a few folks who are unable to sleep outside to the recreation center as they have the room. We are also using the City Hall as a command/staging center as we have internet access. There is also an outpouring of generosity from the community as people are dropping off bedding, cots, tents, food etc. to be used for the community.
Humbling for sure.

Our progress on the evacuation plan:
We are working closely with the Siletz fire district and CTSI to coordinate the evacuation of the city in an orderly manner.

The city is utilizing the reader board by the Library to get information out to the public. A Facebook Page – “2020 Siletz Oregon Wildfire Information” has been created by the city as well. As of now, we have a variety of contingencies based on the evacuation levels.
If we get to level 1, the reader board and facebook page will be updated to reflect that.

If we get to level 2, then the reader board and facebook page will be updated, two trucks with PA systems will drive around announcing we are at Level 2 (and we will evacuate elders with no transportation).

If we get to Level 3, the reader board and facebook page will be updated, several identified drivers will pick up people on designated routes with no transportation to evacuate them, and designated people will occupy crucial intersections to facilitate an orderly evacuation.

If we get to a phase 3 and have to evacuate our homes here is the community evacuation plan. There are several routes and we will be choosing the evacuation route based on where the fire is coming from.

Evacuation route #1-
Travel out of Siletz on HWY 229 out to HWY 20 and Travel to Philomath where we will be welcomed as we have welcomed people here.

Evacuation router #2-
Travel out of Siletz through Logsden road through blogger to HWY 20. Travel highway 20 to Philomath.

Evacuation route #3-
Travel out of Siletz on 229 to HWY to Toledo junction. Take HWY 20 to Newport and a final location will be determined based on what area has open space for us at the time.

Please take a moment to check on your neighbor and see if they have and know an evacuation route. If we all check on our neighbors we will all be better off.
Be safe, be smart, don’t listen to rumors. Add yourself to 2020 Siletz Oregon wild fire page.



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