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City of Siletz
Regular City Council Meeting
Monday, September 21, 2020

The Siletz City Council met and convened on Monday, September 21, 2020 and Mayor Worman called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Siletz City Hall.
Present were Mayor Willie Worman, Councilors, Jeff Clark, Leslie Button, Patti Skauge and Ron Hervey.

Also present were Sheila Jordan Deputy Recorder, A. Middaugh Public Works Superintendent, D. Eshleman Public Works, Derek & Amanda Jefferson, Chuck for Dahl Disposal, Lincoln County Harm Reduction Isabelle Cisco & Carla Clark, CTSI Harm Reduction/CEDAR Group Ruby Moon, Josh Rilatos, Chris Oleman, Sissy Rilatos and Susan Trachsel Lincoln County Health Dept. came late 8:05 p.m.

Councilor P. Skauge moved that the minutes of the August 10, 2020 Regular City Council Meeting be approved as read. Councilor R. Hervey seconds the motion and it was approved.

Lincoln County Sheriff-Update
Mayor Worman Stated that Deputy McGuire has been busy with the fire in Otis so there would be no update to report at this time.

Councilor P. Skauge stated that the Fire Dept. was still working with the attorney to resolve the matter with the old Chief other than that there is nothing else to report. Mayor Worman thanked the fire dept. for all there help with the fire up in Otis and helping out setting up the evacuation site that the City opened up for evacuees from that fire.


Mayor Worman reported on Mill Park and stated the that budget was cut from the marine board so nothing will be happening for now, but when spring come the city can start working on getting thing going again. Mayor Worman stated he was informed that a locate came through for the caretakers at Hee Hee Illahee park that they were putting up a metal carport. Mayor Worman asked the council we said no didn’t we vote to deny a carport down at the city park. The last time the caretaker asked we said no because it is a liability for the city. Council all agreed that they voted no on the carport because it’s a city owned park and not the caretakers personal property. Council consented to have Mayor Worman contact the caretaker and let her know what council said and that she cannot put up a carport.

City of Siletz
Regular City Council Meeting
Monday, September 21, 2020, Pg. 2

Mayor Worman gave a short report since Susan Trachsel of the Lincoln County Health Department was not at the meeting yet. Mayor said COVID numbers were down and that’s a good thing that means thing are looking better. County has put in to move to Phase 2 and if it passes the County will be in Phase 2 on September 29th.

Chuck from Dahl Disposal stated he dropped the rate review off back in April but because of COVID 19 it has gotten pushed back. Option A on the review is off the table which was every 2 years CPIU with that being gone leave Option B which is an increase of 3.57%. Council can find all this information in the packets they got. Council all agreed that they kind of had no choice but to vote on it like it reads as part of the city’s contract with the Solid Waste. Councilor P. Skauge made the motion to except the review as it was presented by Dahl’s Disposal for a rate increase of 3.57%. Councilor R. Hervey seconded the motion with a three to one vote with councilor L. Button voting no.

Deputy Recorder S. Jordan asked if the Council wanted to keep it like it has been but with council knowing that the city is getting some very high bills. There are individual not paying and the city not raising the rates this year the city is losing out on revenue. Council made a consensus to start sending out shut off notices but not charging shut off fees at this time.

Mayor Worman Stated he has talked with Rachel Maddox-Hughes the grant writer that the city engineering referred the city too. She told him that she could not give the city an amount on how much she would charge because she wouldn’t, how much time it would involve. She could do a possible payment schedule with the city if needed. Mayor Worman did find out that the city can write the cost it into the grant so that would help the city because the city most likely could not come up with the funds for the grant writer.

The Confederated Tribes of the Siletz Indians and Lincoln County Harm Reduction Team came to introduce themselves and to give the council a little bit of information on what they do and have to offer. They stated that September is Recovery Month and that all the CTSI Harms Team is made up of individuals that has went through recovery and are doing great with their recovery. That this program is ran off of grant money and has been running for about two and half years now. Some of the things they offer to the public are help with addiction, recovery, needle exchange, and free rapid HIV & Hepatitis C testing, free Naloxone distribution and training, free health care, mental health and social services and many more thing that can help someone get back on their feet. Councilor P. Skauge stated that there is a gentleman that picks up trash around town and asked if there were any of the sharp containers that she could give him and

City of Siletz
Regular City Council Meeting
Monday, September 21, 2020, Pg. 3

where would he turn it in at. Sissy Rilatos said she has some with her and gave one out and told the council all they had to do was call their number to get more someone would pick up the full one. Sissy also stated that some of their clients would like to see some of these containers be put in around town they would be bolted down and locked so that nobody could get in them and would be checked daily. Josh Rilatos said that they would be metal boxes as of right now the Harms Team comes to the individual to pick them up. Council thanked them for what they are doing around the community and county.

Deputy Recorder S. Jordan reported she received a letter from Jeri Lynn Olsen regarding a street light being put out in front of her home on Jamesfrank Ave. After discussion Council consensus was that there are two street lights in that area so there doesn’t need to be another street light placed there.

D. Eshleman Utility Worker I wrote a thank you letter to CTSI thanking Frank Aspria for doing the school zone street logos on Buford Ave. and Jamesfrank Ave. and asked if the Mayor would sign it.

Councilor P. Skauge commented on D. Eshleman’s semi-retirement and thanked him for his hard work and all he did for the city which was way beyond his duties. Mayor Worman replied that Dave & Allen have taught him a lot since he has become Mayor.

Public Works Superintendent A. Middaugh reported the following:
 Scrub and Paint graffiti at skate park (mostly chalk)
 Hauled multiple trash loads of trash daily from Log Park
 Backwash Pond solids hauled to WWTP
 Trimmed trees o SRD and Ferry Ave
 Emptied / cleaned / inspected / refilled Raw Water Storage Tank
 LiquaVision divers inspected Treated Water Tanks and made videos to send to Dyer Partnership
 CTSI Painter (Frank) and ODOT set new crosswalks on Hwy 229 and thermal decals for school zones (4) on Buford and James Franks
Dave drafted Letter of Thanks to Frank at CTSI
 Put in “No Overnight” Signs at Library
 Set concrete base at City Hall for installation of a Voters Box”

 Removed tree blocking SRD (came down in wind storm)
 Water and Wastewater ER Dialers seem to have no phone connection on day after storm

City of Siletz
Regular City Council Meeting
Monday, September 21, 2020, Pg. 4

Councilor L. Button stated she was asked by Janice Kobow if the city could send the property owner behind her that has the empty lot a letter and have him do something about the tall grass. Deputy Recorder S. Jordan stated that she has sent two letters out and had no response back from him. Mayor Worman asked if we could get an estimate to see how much it would cost to have the city’s Public Works do it and bill the owner. Deputy Recorder S. Jordan replied that we would have to talk to the attorney about the city going on private property but would try and find something out and have the public works come up with a cost.
Councilor R. Hervey stated that June Corliss called him, the Mayor Worman and the Mayor of Newport in regards to the lot across from her house where people keep camping and having fires, in which there is no burning at this time. She was told to call the fire department from everyone she called, the fire department did respond and talked with the land owner and they put out the fire



October 5, 2020 at 6:00p.m. To go over City Recorder and Utility Worker II/III job openings

Councilor R. Hervey moved that the August 2020 bills be approved in the amount of $64,094.26. Councilor J. Clark seconded the motion and it was approved.

Councilor R. Hervey made a motion to adjourn from regular council session and take a 5 minute break before going into Executive Session at 8:20 p.m. Councilor P. Skauge seconded motion passed.

EXECUTIVE SESSION-ORS. 192.660(7)(d)Executive Session-192.660 (7) The consideration of general employment policies (d) The employment of the chief executive office, other public offices, employee and staff member of a public body.
Councilor R. Hervey made a motion to go into Executive Session at 8:25 p.m. Councilor P. Skauge seconded the motion passed. Councilor R. Hervey made a motion to return to regular city council meeting at 9:08 p.m. councilor P. Skauge seconded motion passed.

Councilor L. Button moved that the regular meeting of the Siletz City Council be adjourned at 9:10 pm. Councilor P. Skauge seconded the motion and it was approved.

Approved by the Siletz City Council on this 12 day of October, 2020.

Signed and approved by the Mayor on this 12 day of October, 2020.


Sheila Jordan                                       William Worman
DEPUTY RECORDER                                MAYOR


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