Open Council Position #1 – Applications due February 22, 2022

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Siletz Residents

The City of Siletz currently has an open council position (position 1) that we need to fill. Recently, Councilor Jennifer Whitehead resigned from council. This is a position that holds a remaining term period of 10 months (through the end of 2022). This seat will be on the 2022 ballot to be filled by vote for the 2023-2026 years (this is a 4-year term position). 

The expected requirements for this position:

  • Be a city resident
  • Be at least 18
  • Be of good lawful standings
  • Be at each council meeting (typically the 2nd Monday of the month)
  • Be at all special council meetings, executive sessions, and appropriate work sessions)
  • Participate in city organized community functions such as but not limited to (Trunk or Treat, Christmas tree lighting, car show etc.) 
  • Actively participate in council meetings, functions, and discussions. 
  • Each council member will be charged with a specific commission to carry out within the community. These commissions are decided on and assigned by the mayor. 

The following is the process we follow to fill a vacant city council seat in the city of Siletz:

  • Post the open position on the city web page and the city Facebook page
  • Post the open position City Hall door, Post Office, and local news announcement.
  • Allow a 2-week period for community members to apply for this position. Applications will be posted on the City of Siletz website (see below), or you can collect a copy from city hall. Please call ahead and make arrangements to collect in person.  
  • Applications will not be accepted after the open period of application ends.  For this position that is February 22nd.
  • All applications are reviewed. Those that fit all criteria for filling the seat will be asked to interview in person with council representatives and the mayor.
  • Finalists will be presented to city council where council will be asked to make a recommendation for the open seat. The council will vote to fill the open position, and the candidate with a majority vote will be invited to be on City Council. If there is a tie, the mayor is the vote tie breaker. 
  • Once a councilor is chosen, council will invite them to a council meeting and swear them in as a council member. 

Please help us carry out our goal of making Siletz the best place to live on the Oregon coast. 


Apply here:

Please note – You may use additional paper to answer the questions.


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