Siletz Public Works April/May 2020 Notes

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City of Siletz City Council Meeting

Public Works Agenda: Posted 5/7/20

April Report

  • Closed all 3 City Parks and both Boat Ramps – Posted all with signs
  • Worked with School to secure property with temporary locked gates and fencing
  • Cleaned oil, grease, debris from Influent Pump Station at WWTP
  • River Pumps off for 4 days in March due to high and muddy river
  • Emptied all ponds at WWTP
  • Running Public Works all of April with 2 field workers ( one at WWTP, one at WTP and Dave doing Admin from Home)
  • Install River Temperature Gauge for Summer WWTP Permit Compliance
  • WWTP Generator Annual Service… requires replacement thermostat and batteries (est. $1500 above regular annual maint. contract)
  • FEMA Grant Portal Access established and Request for Public Assistance has been initiated.
  • All city workers are maintaining a Covid-19 work and equipment use log
  • Public Works 2020-2021 Budget complete and sent to City Hall
  • New Hire: Derek Jefferson begins training at the Wastewater Plant with Dave Monday Apr. 13.

May Report

  • Wastewater II Worker Position is now being advertised
  • City Baseball Field Dugouts grafitti’d and had to be painted
  • Had to post No Parking / No Entrance Signs at upper Mill Park
  • Repair leaking valve at WTP CL2 Tank on Saturday (4 hrs. +)
  • Hired Ben’s Diving to clean River Influent Screens and PW also cleaned twice
  • Waiting for Air Switch for WTP which is causing “low pressure” alarms which shuts down plant… thus, we have to be on site for every flush and backwash
  • WWTP completed 2 years / quarterly BOD Tests for compliance of our new NPDES Permit… we have called our DEQ Compliance Office for further instructions
  • Started Summer Permit Limits May 5th (2 times weekly) River Temp & CFS

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