July 13, 2020 Appproved Minutes

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City of Siletz
Regular City Council Meeting
Monday, July 13, 2020

The Siletz City Council met and convened on Monday, July 13, 2020 and Mayor Worman called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Siletz City Hall.
Present were Mayor Willie Worman, Councilors, Ron Hervey, Jeff Clark, Leslie Button and Patti Skauge.

Also present were Sheila Jordan Deputy Recorder, Lincoln County Sheriff Office Deputy Rose, Derek & Amanda Jefferson, Christine Clapp, Susan Trachsel Lincoln County Health Dept., Chuck & Amy Getter, and Skyler Larsen and girlfriend Cora.

Councilor P. Skauge moved that the minutes of the June 8, 2020 Budget and State Revenue Sharing Public Hearing and Regular City Council Meeting be approved as read. Councilor R. Hervey seconds the motion and it was approved.

Lincoln County Sheriff-Update
Deputy Rose reported that the sheriff office now has two full time deputy’s in Siletz as of July 1, 2020 and they will be doing 40 hour weeks in the of City of Siletz. On the off hour’s there will be an Officer that is roaming so they could be out here or in another part of the county. Right now the two officers’ will be Officer Bruce McGuire on days and Officer Zackery Dowly on nights and Officer Rose will be the alternate Deputy when they are off, he is new to the area but is learning it quick. The Officers have been doing a lot of patrol on Logsden Rd. and Moonshine Park road due to the high traffic that has been on it. Mayor Worman told the officers please don’t be afraid to pull over the speeder’s and give out tickets cause we have a lot of kids that are out there walking around. Mayor also asked if the Deputies could keep an eye out down at the swimming hole called the Log on Siletz River Drive. There have been people down there camping and having fires and there is no camping signs posted. The Deputy said they would do extra patrol in the area.


Mayor Worman reported that the Friends of the Library sent a letter of request and asked if the City of Siletz could purchase four no overnight parking signs for the Library because of the COVID-19 they are unable to due fund raiser’s right now. They have a few campers that have parked there and stayed the night. When asked to leave they said they saw no signs so the Library is hoping this will resolve the issue. Council Census was to purchase the signs.

City of Siletz
Regular City Council Meeting
Monday, July 13, 2020, Pg. 2

Councilor R. Hervey reported he had nothing. Mayor Worman asked Christine Clapp to update us on Mill Park, Clapp reported that she went down and looked at the boat ramp and it’s getting a little narrow and wanted to know if the City still wanted to move forward on working on it, also if the City is still wanting to place picnic tables down there. Ron reported when the last time he talked with George Larson he mentioned to redo the ramp with a slight angle to so it was easier when the boats came in Christine said that was a good idea and would help the City. Mayor Worman reported that some of the fishing guides believe they can get grants to help with the ramp and would also like to see it get widened out more. Christine said she would like to get with the Mayor and Councilor Hervey and do a walk through of the park Clapp will contact the Mayor and set up a time.

Mayor Worman asked Susan Trachsel of the Lincoln County Health Department to give an Update on the COVID-19. As of today the cases keep rising Lincoln County had an outbreak at one of the Elderly facilities that is being tracked. OSU volunteer’s were out in Lincoln County last week doing testing won’t know the findings on that for about 10 days. The last time they were out they found about 3.4% tested asymptomatic with COVID-19. As of July 15, 2020 Governor Brown mandated Oregonians to wear face masks indoors and outdoors unless you are keeping social distance of 6 feet outdoors. P. Skauge asked if the OSU group would be coming to the smaller area’s, Susan replied yes just not sure when. S. Trachsel also mentioned that there is a small business grant available on the Lincoln County Health Departments website.


Deputy Recorder S. Jordan asked if the Council wanted to keep it like it has been. Not sending out shut off notice’s and if so she would just keep checking with Council each month. Council consensus was to not send out shut off notices and to keep checking each month.

Mayor Worman just wanted to update council on the fence cause it really doesn’t have anything to do with the City. The Mayor, the school and the new owners of the Siletz Pub have been working together and they all would like to put up a new fence that will be a little higher around 10 feet tall with the privacy slabs this would be between the Pub and School so when customers of the PUB come out back to smoke the kids at the school would not see them. Mayor Worman will be helping them find some grants.

City of Siletz
Regular City Council Meeting
Monday, July 13, 2020, Pg. 3

Deputy Recorder reported the following correspondence –

The Harms Reduction group would like to put up signs in the field by the Library for Overdose Awareness. They would be on stakes and small poster size and when it’s over they would remove them. Council consensus approved their request.

Deputy Recorder S. Jordan presented a copy of the Public Works June 2020 report to each of the council due to the absence of Public Works Mayor Worman read the following.
 Opening and closing Mill Park Gate while caretakers are on vacation
 Hauled 5 yd. of Drain Rock and 5 yd. of Bark to Illahee Park
 Hauled 2 loads of rock to our public works rock pile
 Filled potholes on all gravel streets
 Trees trimmed on Egbert/Bagley/James Franks/Grinstead
 Weed Eat Skate Park
 Dust Inhibitor applied July 9th
 Public Works Safety Meeting to set in place updated Covid-19 Guidelines for all workers and supervisor
 Replaced Miox Cell July 7 (cost $4000 – old cell +4 yrs. and 4680 hours)
 Acquired F-150 from Fire Dept. Surplus
 Completed 2 Wastewater Reports
 Significant Industrial Sewer Users Survey (DEQ)
 Wastewater Outfall 001 Inspection and Report (DEQ)
 Reviewed draft of Water Master Plan from Dyer and sent our input
 Willow Ct. #2 Check Valve clogged and pump ran 75 hours (normal 1.5 hr)
 July 9 brought WWTP Basin #2 down for cleaning and inspection also in response to Summer low flows only enough for 1 basin
 June 26 WWTP Inf Well Float wedged between pipe and wall – freed up the float and adjusted float level – no alarms
 June 19 midnight WWTP Basin #1 alarm due to faulty Air Actuator Valve – valve reset itself but ran slower – red flagged ER valve order that day
 June 25 at 11:30am Actuator Valve Failed completely and was replace by emergency ordered valve that arrived that day – Ray and Above Board onsite as well – Allen and Darin programmed    set points
New Hire: David Hancock will fill the vacated Hooper position on July 16th with Water Treatment II and Distribution I certification and potential Wastewater Treatment I Reciprocity from Washington.

City of Siletz
Regular City Council Meeting
Monday, July 13, 2020, Pg. 4

Mayor Worman asked Council if they knew why there was bark dust delivered down to the city park that was reported in Public Works report. He said if he remembers right the Council consensus approved a half of load of decorative rock and no to the bark dust cause it could be a fire hazard. Council all said yes they remember that also Mayor Worman said he would ask Public Works about it.


Derek Jefferson of Public Works would like to see the resolution for City Workers not to have a second job outside of the City removed. When he started working for the City back in March he was working part time at Mc Donald’s also, but when COVID-19 hit the City set a Resolution that no full time employees could have a second job. Since then he has had other expenses accrue and he had to put a new roof on his house which put a hardship on him. He has the opportunity to work a landscaping job where he would be outside and away from other people but he was told by his Superintendent that he could not take that job because of the resolution. Councilor Skauge asked if Jefferson followed the chain of command and Jefferson said he went to Allen then to City Recorder Simmons and they both said the same thing to appeal to the Council, that’s why he is here. Councilor Skauge said she follows the same as his supervisors and says no to a second job. Amanda Jefferson asked how is it that the Council can make that decision on if they can have a second job or not. Mayor said because the Council is the ones that set the rules and in this case they are just trying to keep the workers and everyone else safe. Susan Trachsel address Mr. Jefferson and said as community member she thinks maybe there is something else that could be done for his situation. She asked Deputy Recorder Jordan if there was something in the handbook that addresses this matter. Deputy Recorder S. Jordan said yes there is and he has a copy of the handbook and it does say council has the last say. Council Consensus that the resolution stay in effect.

Chuck & Amy Getter introduced themselves and said they are purchasing the old bank and wanted to just let the council know a little about themselves. They have a back ground in education and both hold a CTE licensure in the State of Oregon. They will be using the old bank for teaching/training kids K-12 to use food as medicine and gardening in small urban spaces. They plan to reside in the back portion of the old bank and hope to get to know everyone. Council welcomed them to the area.

Skylar Larsen and girlfriend Cora came to the council to see if they could help them with their landlord issues they have been having. Mayor Worman advised them that was a personal matter and plus they live outside the city limits. But if they would like to wait and talk to him after the meeting he might be able to give them some advice.

City of Siletz
Regular City Council Meeting
Monday July 13, 2020, Pg. 5

Deputy Recorder S. Jordan reported that the owner of the property on Siletz River Drive is having the garbage cleaned up and hauled away. Eventually the house will be torn down and the field behind it will be mowed this week, after that the owner of the barn on Ferry Ave. will be having it removed. Deputy Recorder Jordan called the Property Management Department about the other house on Ferry Ave. to see if it sold and who the new owner was but no one from there has gotten back to her as of yet.

Councilor J. Clark asked if the City has heard any more about the laundromat that the tribe wants to put in. Mayor Worman reported the last thing he heard was that the tribe was going out for grants and they are still waiting.

Mayor Worman reported that ODOT will be out here on July 16, 2020 to do some measuring on Gaither to start putting up the new signs that make it a 20mph School Safety Zone.

None scheduled

Councilor R. Hervey moved that the June 2020 bills be approved in the amount of $ 57,292.10. Councilor J. Clark seconded the motion and it was approved.

Councilor R. Hervey moved that the regular meeting of the Siletz City Council be adjourned at 8:16 pm. Councilor L. Button seconded the motion and it was approved.

Approved by the Siletz City Council on this __10_ day of __Aug, 2020.

Signed and approved by the Mayor on this _ _10_ day of __Aug, 2020.


_Sheila Jordan______                                          __William Worman__
DEPUTY RECORDER                                                   MAYOR


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